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Please complete the form below to register for your classes. 

Please arrive 15 min early to your first class in order to sign our tuition authorization paperwork in order for you or your child to participate in class. 

Everyone is encouraged to enroll in auto-pay. Checks should be made payable to 'Radiance'

An annual registration fee of $35 for new students and $25 for returning students, along with your first tuition payment, are due at your first class. 

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WELCOME to Radiance School of Ballet! We are excited to have you enrolled in our school and hope that your experience with us brings you great joy as you embark on or continue on your journey in dance education. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality training and dance education in a nurturing, challenging and encouraging environment. We hope to motivate you to become the best dancer you can possibly be while encouraging you to fall in love with this beautiful form of art. Below you will find some general rules and guidelines that we expect all of our students and parents to follow. Please be sure to read thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions. REGISTERING FOR CLASSES: Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. Registration must be completed online or through our office. Forms and registration fees must be submitted in order to secure your spot in a class. If your registration fee and form are not filled out, or if tuition is not paid, we reserve the right to give away your spot in a class to another student. Incomplete registration forms or incorrect payments may delay your registration. We will notify you if there is a problem. Classes not meeting minimum enrollment may be cancelled. In such cases, we will do our very best to move your child to another appropriate class. REGISTRATION FEE: There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $35 for new students and $25 for returning students. This fee is per dancer and is due with the first month’s* tuition. TUITION AND PAYMENT POLICIES: ● Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and is late after the 10th. ● There is a $10 late fee for tuition received after the 10th. ● Radiance School of Ballet does not bill for tuition. Once enrolled, you are responsible for paying your tuition. ● Tuition is payable by cash, check or enrolling in auto-pay. We encourage every family to enroll in auto-pay to avoid possible late fees and for ease of payment. ● Accounts with auto-pay will be charged on or around the 1st of each month, but never before the 1st of the month. ● Returned checks will incur a $25 service fee. After 3 returned checks on your account, we will require payment in cash, money order, cashier’s check or credit card. ● One year’s tuition may be paid in full at the beginning of the school year for a 10% discount. ● Students registering after the start of the month* will be charged a single class fee rate of $17 per hour of classes remaining for the month*. ● TUITION IS NEVER PRORATED. ● All accounts must have a valid credit card on file. Tuition is based on 44 weeks of classes held from August through July (less holiday breaks and scheduled studio closures) and is NEVER prorated. Some months* (especially those with school vacations, i.e.: Thanksgiving break, Winter break, Spring break and Memorial Day) may only have two or three classes while others may have five in a month's* time. Tuition is based on the total number of classes from August to July, so the monthly* tuition amount remains the same. Tuition for the school year is paid in 11 equal monthly* installments, August through July, except January. Students that enroll after the first week of the tuition month* will be charged a single class rate of $17 per hour for the classes remaining for the month*. If a student misses class, we will not prorate or refund the monthly* tuition; make-up classes are strongly encouraged. Please review our Calendar of Events for breaks and special dates. *’month’ refers to tuition month and may not necessarily match calendar month. ADDING AND DROPPING CLASSES: Changes/withdrawals must be emailed to us at classes@radianceballet.com. Verbal or voicemail requests will not be honored. Students wishing to drop or change classes must notify us by the 15th of the prior calendar month to avoid being charged tuition for the following month*. Withdrawals from class are effective at the end of the month*; we do not issue a credit if you drop earlier in the month* and there are classes remaining. If a student discontinues attendance without notification via email, we will not automatically drop that student from the class roster and tuition will be due. Unless a student is withdrawn from a class by written withdrawal through email, students are considered continually enrolled in the class. *’month’ refers to tuition month and may not necessarily match calendar month. CLASS MAKE-UP POLICY: A legitimate absence phoned or emailed prior to class time is eligible for a make-up class. Students are allowed to make up classes for up to 4 absences each semester (Aug.-Dec. & Jan.-May) and 2 absences per summer (June-July). Make-up classes must be scheduled with the office and must be taken within one month of the absence. Make-up classes that are scheduled, if missed, may not be re-scheduled. Students must be currently enrolled in order to use their make-up class. Missed classes will not result in prorated tuition, credit or refund. The class taken should be equal to the dancer’s age and level. Should class be cancelled due to teacher absence, that class will be made up at a time arranged by that teacher and such make-up class will not be counted toward your allotted make-ups. DRESS CODE: Dancers are expected to come in proper attire and with their hair put neatly into a bun for class (ponytail is acceptable for Tap). All dancewear for classes is available for purchase at our Dance Shoppe located in the studio. The styles displayed at the studio are the only styles acceptable for classes. For Creative Movement through Ballet 4, and for Tap, pink tights and pink ballet shoes are required. The following leotard colors and styles are required for our levels: Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet & Combo Ballet/Tap - Black Cap Sleeve Ballet 1 - Light Blue Cap Sleeve Ballet 2 - Turquoise Tank Ballet 3 - Royal Tank, Cap Sleeve or Long Sleeve Ballet 4 - Navy Tank, Cap Sleeve or Long Sleeve Tap - Black Cap Sleeve Pointe students may wear a black ballet skirt. Extra clothing including skirts, bike shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, tutus, etc. are not included in Radiance School of Ballet dress code and are prohibited. Pink ballet shoes are required for ballet classes and black tap shoes are required for tap classes. Please review the dress code posted on our website if you need further details on dress code specifics. If you need help learning how to put your hair in a ballet bun, please inquire with your teacher or in the office. For our male students, black tights or shorts, white fitted short sleeve t-shirt, white socks and white shoes. For our adult students, we want you to be comfortable! If you wish to wear the traditional leotard and tights, please do so. If you prefer athletic wear, that is also acceptable. All adult students MUST have proper footwear: ballet shoes for ballet classes and tap shoes for tap classes. Hair must also be neatly pulled back and preferably in a bun. ARRIVING TO CLASS: Please arrive to class a few minutes early. This allows you/your child to have time to put on their shoes, use the restroom and stretch before class begins. We know that many families have very busy schedules, but please make your very best effort to be on time to class. If you are more than 10 minutes late to class, it is up to the teacher’s discretion to admit students into the classroom. In such instances, students should prepare themselves in the waiting room and quietly wait inside the studio doorway until the teacher welcomes them to join the class. Please do not enter the classroom with your child. PARENT OBSERVATION: Parents are not allowed in the studio during class time unless arrangements have been made in advance with the teacher. We expect parents to refrain from entering classes and interrupting class times as it is distracting for both teacher and students. Your child will enjoy the best learning environment if they are allowed to have undistracted focus on the teacher’s instruction and their own movement, instead of being distracted by others outside the classroom. It is up to the teacher’s discretion whether or not they use the blinds on our viewing windows during class times. Please make your best effort not to distract students during class time. DANCE BAGS: Student should have a dance bag to carry their shoes to and from class in. Dance shoes should never be worn outside the studio. Please make sure that you mark your child’s belongings including their dance bag, dance shoes, leotards, tights, etc., with their name so that if they are left behind they can be easily identified. Water is the only liquid allowed inside the studio. Please make sure your child has a water bottle in their dance bag as it is important for them to re-hydrate after dancing. CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE: Students are expected to show respectful behavior toward their teachers, peers, and studio property. Dance is an art form and a discipline. Students are encouraged to have fun in class while understanding classroom etiquette. They are expected to use classroom skills such as waiting in line, raising their hand if they have a question, keeping their hands to themselves and showing respect toward others during class time. Parents are also expected to maintain such behavior while in our facility. If siblings are accompanying parents, we expect them to play quietly in the lobby and remain out of the dressing rooms, which are reserved for dancers preparing for classes. Please make sure that children waiting in the lobby are quiet and well-behaved being respectful of the teaching environment so as not to be a distraction. KEEPING UP-TO-DATE: We try our very best to make communication a priority. Please help us with this by asking questions, checking in with teachers, reading our email updates and checking our information bulletin board as you come and go from the studio. Important notes will be posted on the bulletin board and viewing windows and will also be available in the office. We do communicate primarily through email, so please make sure to thoroughly read any email updates you receive and please make sure you keep your email address with us current. Emails from Radiance School of Ballet come primarily from our classes@radianceballet.com email. Our website is also a good source of general information for things like schedule of classes, tuition, and dress code. Please make sure you keep us up to date with any changes in your contact information. PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES: Students will be offered various opportunities to perform during their training at Radiance School of Ballet. Each year students are given the option to perform in both a Christmas and a year-end performance. We hope that these performances will give our students an opportunity to present to their parents, family and friends the skills and artistry that they learn throughout the year. Rehearsals, in addition to their weekly classes, may be required in order to participate in performances. Advanced students will have the opportunity to audition to be given special roles in the ballets and parts are given by audition only. LOST-AND-FOUND: Our lost-and-found bin is located in our dressing room on the top of the cubbies. Please make sure to check the bin if you have misplaced any items. Any items remaining in the bin after 3 months will be donated. WAITING ROOM: Please remember that our school is a place of learning. In order to maintain the highest quality of education, we ask that those waiting in our lobby refrain from loud conversation and any kind of rough behavior. Please take extensive phone calls outside. If you bring additional children with you to wait as their sibling(s) takes class, please make sure that they are quiet and respectful of Radiance School of Ballet property. Please also make sure that any toys or electronic devices that are brought with them are of the quiet nature (Books, puzzles, stuffed animals, etc). Children should not be left unattended at any time. Please be respectful that many students and parents enter in and out of the studio and be sensitive to the amount of additional time that is spent lingering in the lobby while classes are occurring. Thank you for your enrollment! We look forward to having you in classes this year!
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