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At Radiance School of Ballet, we strive to place our students in an optimal learning environment. Factors considered when placing children include, age, ability, focus, drive and maturity.

If you are a parent who is registering your child for the first time, we encourage you to register your child(ren) according to their age. Our teachers will evaluate them and should they feel your child is better suited in another class, they will advise you. 


Does your little one love to move and dance? This class will give your little dancer a basic introduction to ballet steps and positions, while enhancing their motor skills and coordination with fun exercises in music qualities and rhythms, story-telling with movement, and free dance with various props.


Introduce your little dancer to the beautiful art of ballet! This class will enhance your child's coordination, balance and flexibility with the teaching of basic ballet positions, steps, and terminology through standing barre work and simple center floor exercises. Your child will also enjoy simple and fun exercises in creative movement and music exploration. 


This beginning level class is designed to develop awareness of alignment and basic ballet vocabulary and technique. Class will include basic barre exercises, as well as center work. Your child will have a fun time learning the secrets behind becoming a great ballerina or danseur!

BALLET 2 - AGES 9-11

Come enjoy the excitement and beauty of classical ballet! This class will focus on ballet terminology and technique through the execution of barre work, center, and across the floor exercises. Your child will have a clear understanding of body alignment, movement quality, carriage of upper body, and flexibility. 

BALLET 3, 4, 5 - AGES 12+

These are intermediate to advanced classes. Prior ballet experience is required. We will focus on classical ballet technique through a professional class progression. Barre work, center and across the floor exercises are designed to better your technique, as well as performance quality and confidence. With quality and knowledgeable teaching and an encouraging environment, these classes will be a perfect fit for those who aspire to improve their dancing!


Come enjoy the beauty and grace of classical ballet! This class will cover basic ballet positions, steps and vocabulary with a focus on the student's awareness of proper posture and body alignment. Standing barre work and center floor exercises will be given to enhance coordination, strength, balance and flexibility. Participants will also develop a sense of musical awareness and movement quality. No prior ballet experience necessary. 


Join us for some Pilates workouts! We do mat exercises which work on core strength and flexibility, as well as general stabilization exercises, that will get your body and keep your body in good condition. This is a great class to take in addition to the Adult Ballet as the two will work together to get you in shape and feeling great!


Come tap with us! If you have tapped before, or ever dreamed of becoming the next Ginger Rogers, join this class! You will learn the basic techniques of Tap, and use that knowledge to put together combinations. This class is great for the mind to remember sequence of steps, as well as putting that sequence of steps to music, to even further hone the rhythmical aspect of Tap.

TAP 1 - (Beginning)

This tap class is designed for beginners who have always wanted to learn how to tap! It will teach musicality and rhythm skills through tap technique and combinations. This is a fun and energetic class that will have your feet moving! No previous experience needed.

TAP 2 - (Intermediate)

Tap 2 is a continuation of the skills that are learned in Tap 1. This class is geared to challenge students with more complex rhythms and movements. Dancers will move into intermediate level combinations and will progress with their overall tapping quality. At least one year of Tap 1 or previous tap experience is required. 

TAP 3 - (Advanced)

This class takes the knowledge gained through Tap 1 & Tap 2 and combines them to create new rhythms and beats as well as constructing combinations and working on improvisation. Taking from classic tap styles as well as current "street" tap, this class is for the more intermediate/advanced tappers. At least one year of Tap 2 or previous tap experience is required. 


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